The Herbert Protocol

What is the Herbert Protocol?

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme in the United Kingdom designed to help locate missing people who have dementia or other memory-related conditions. It involves preparing a detailed form that contains vital information about the individual, which can be quickly accessed and used by the police and other agencies if the person goes missing.

The idea is to have all this information readily available to assist the authorities in launching an effective and rapid search operation. The Herbert Protocol is named after George Herbert, a veteran of the Normandy landings during World War II, who lived with dementia.

Family members, caregivers, or the person themselves can fill out the form, which should then be kept in a safe but easily accessible place, ready to be handed over to the police if needed. The protocol aims to provide peace of mind to families and carers and improve the chances of safely recovering missing individuals with dementia.

What information does the form include?

  • Personal details (name, date of birth, address)
  • A recent photograph
  • Medical information (diagnosis, medication)
  • Important contacts (family, friends)
  • Description of the person’s routines, habits, and favourite places
  • Previous addresses or significant locations
  • Any risks or concerns specific to the individual

What should you do with the form?

You can complete this form on your computer or print it out and fill it in by hand. Store it in a safe place where it can be easily accessed if the person goes missing. Consider giving copies to friends, family, and neighbours.

You only need to provide it to the police if the person goes missing. At that time, the police will ask additional questions about the circumstances of the disappearance and what the person was wearing.

Ensure you keep the form updated if there are any changes, such as adjustments to medication or daily routines.

This is crucial — if you are unable to locate someone through your usual methods, you MUST call the Police on 999. It is common to feel hesitant about dialling 999. Some people fear they might be criticised for contacting the Police, but if you are concerned about someone’s safety, this will not be the case.

Where can I find the form?

Please find the downloadable form below.

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